Project of the Year Awards

As a board member of Association of Polish Graphic Designers I was asked to refresh the identity of our annual competition awarding most influential and progressive design in the field of visual communication. Our task was to make a fresh approach, extend the identity from black & white, vector shapes made of basic geometrical shapes.


Our commitment to the project has been going on since 2017 when we organically supported STGU at the 2017 Project Gala. In this edition, we coordinated the research and selection process, together with Janek Szeliga and Łukasz Pałczyński we created an unusual display for the presentation of the winners. We have created also a micro-conference at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. In the next edition, for which we were able to obtain a grant, we were also responsible for visual identification, which was based on the motif of the human face bases, to which various attributes, geometric shapes are pinned. It was a breakthrough edition for us, fully implemented by the new board of the Graphic Designers Association. We decided to build a graphic event frame, created. Layouts of printed materials, publications, and a website. You can see them below.

The most important element around which the competition revolves is a page designed by Syfon Studio for the 2017/2018 edition. A site is a tool that allows us to provide all the necessary information as well as to promote the event for the designers and spectators. We tried not to make just a functional presentation of content, it is to be bold and surprise with the key visual of the next edition. We believe that the website made with Ortografika (front and back-end development) became a milestone for the competition that You can build on, and was followed by a very successful 2017/2018 edition.

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