The Archive of Public Protests

The website was commissioned by the photographers' collective. It aims to share and archive photos documenting public protests from 2015 till the present. In recent years, increased social activity caused by internal and external events has often provoked expressive reactions of people going out to the streets, wanting to shout their arguments. Documenting these behaviors, at least in our opinion, has become a manifestation of humanism, interest in a human being at a moment important from the point of view of an individual and a group that fights for a common goal. Beautiful, mesmerizing photos that may become icons of our times.

Our goal as designers was to create a site that connects water with fire. On the one hand, the project functions under the name of the archive, a place associated with a precise description of the collection. On the other hand, it is an archive of protests, fervent manifestations of beliefs in public space. The answer to this specific brief was a combination of a clean layout with elements associated with counterculture: a stencil font, visuals based on a stochastic raster. In this project, we wanted to meet what is clean in design with what is dirty and chaotic.

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