Postera is a gallery in the shape of a showcase, hung on the wall of the building at Ordynacka 9. The gallery is presenting contemporary graphic design. The showcase consists each time of 4 works/modules, each of which is confined to a 70x100cm format. The idea of the gallery was inspired by similar projects, such as the Ficciones Typografika (Minneapolis), La Galeru (Paris/Fontenay-sous-Bois), Oripeau (Nantes), ROOOOOM (Düsseldorf), or MyMonkey (Nancy). Our aim is to create a space for experimentation and free artistic statement.

Employing a contemporary graphic designer’s toolkit, we strive to distribute contents that are subtle, ironic and subversive. Syfon Studio is responsible for the idea, production, identity as well as for the curatorial part of the project. MORE PICTURES SOON

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